Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 3

On the third day of our trip, we spent more time visiting friends and family. We spent time and broke bread with our local hosts, Jim & Alice. We had planned to take the RV to town to visit a lady who practically raised Scott's father. When we went to move the RV, it didn't go anywhere. The snow had melted and refroze into a decent layer of ice. The weight of the RV caused the tires to sink somewhat into a depression in the ground. Scott had to rock the RV back and forth, until he could get it to move. This was a little stressful. We were parked close to a garage and Scott was more than a little afraid that we'd end up sliding into it. I guess 20,000 pound vehicles don't really slide easily, because we were able to get free without wreaking any havoc on the innocent garage.

We visited Gwen, the lady who practically raised Scott's Dad, that afternoon. It was a nice visit, but one that was somewhat difficult. Gwen has lost several loved ones, tragically. Scott's boyhood friend was Gwen's grandson. He killed himself the same year that Scott graduated high school. It was over a girl. I recall that age and how my persepective has changed, as I've grown older. It is so difficult when you have the hormones that a young person has and no persepective or wisdom to help guide you. Gwen lost another grandchild and her husband. Her grand daughter left behind a now teenage girl. She has many troubles. We know that only a divine intervention can suffice.

We met Scott's newly found cousin and his family for dinner at Pizza Hut. It was a nice dinner and Scott had an opportunity to hear something about his paternal family. Scott's Dad has never been one to talk much about his upbrining, other than to say his family was crazy. Scott's grandmother, it seems, was evil. This was how several different people who knew her described her. No one seems to want to elaborate too much. It is kind of scarey.

That night, we had popcorn with Jim & Alice. Gloria and Elijah especially like Jim. They think that he is very funny. Most small children don't see Jim, who is a pretty big guy with a deep voice and bald head, as "funny". Most small children probably are afraid that they will be dinner.

Scott didn't park the RV in the same place that night. He parked it in the street in front of their house. We didn't want a repeat of the slippery slopes incident.

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