Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't Blow Your Fuse

Our Saturday began with a blown fuse for the water pump in our RV. It was probably the result of the pump freezing, during the night. Temperatures plunged into the single digits. No big deal, right? We made a trip to the automotives store for a replacement fuse.

We made it home with plenty of time to spare before we'd have to leave for our youth Christmas party. Little did we know that the fuse did not solve our problem. Yes, the pump ran, but it would not stop. I noticed a stream of water coming from the refrigerator access panel on the side of the RV. It seems the solenoid for the ice maker had frozen and burst. Fortunately, there was a "shut off" valve on the supply hose leading to the fridge. That solved one problem, but it didn't fix the ever-running pump of doom.

I glanced down at the clock on my phone and noticed that it was nearing the time when we'd have to leave for church. It was very difficult for me to just ignore the pump problem, but we did have responsibilities that were more important. I had to really do a motivation job on myself to keep from being just plain grumpy.

We got everyone loaded into their seats, readied the RV for travel, and were preparing to take off when I heard an annoying "beep". It was the sound warning me that our leveling jacks were still down. That couldn't be. I had raised all of the jacks. I got out to inspect. It was a good thing that I had. One jack was stuck 6" in the ground. Ooooppps… I lowered and raised the jacks several times, until finally that last stubborn jack escaped the grave in which it had been buried.

With that one last trial, we were on the road.

I thought to myself that the night had great potential, given the amount of difficulty the morning had. It was as if forces were working against us to keep us home.

When we arrived at church, I realized that I had forgotten wood for the camp fire. Fortunately, there was a good supply in the woods behind the church. Several youth had arrived early and helped gather the fuel.

The evening's festivities included: a campfire, hot dogs, chili, 'smores, "midget soccer", "toilet paper mummy making", music (courtesy me & Dan), and a sermon (courtesy Dan). We went way over schedule, but it just didn't seem right to interrupt Dan's message to the youth. Four young people recognized that they were lost in sin and that they needed Christ. Two of them were visitors who had not been in the church before. They were confronted with the gospel and made the decision to follow Christ. That is such a hard thing to do, given the culture of today's teens.

I was glad that we didn't let mechanical problems get in the way of God's plans for the evening.

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