Monday, December 4, 2006


One thing about selling our stuff and moving into an RV is that some people, when they hear about what we've decided to do, become defensive of their own lifestyle. I don't quite understand why our decisions make other people feel condemned. I don't believe that we are all called or convicted about the same things. If you were to tell me that you are called by God to adopt children, I'd be glad for you. That doesn't mean that I'd feel the need to defend why I don't feel called to adopt children.

The choice to "home school" is another example. When some parents of public school children learn that we home school, they immediately launch into examples of how their children excel in the public schools. Good for them! I never said that they didn't or that no child could. We "home school" for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the freedom that it gives us to teach what we deem most important. I suspect that this artificial sense of condemnation among people may actually be the result of them having ignored their own convictions.

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