Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mt. Roosevelt - Roane County, TN

Roane County, TN (35.8666;-84.7142) 2036' Elevation - Mt. Roosevelt
We took this picture on the way back from a trip to East Tennessee. It was taken from a lookout point close to I-40 in Roane County, TN. The view makes this a nice "lunch spot". There are several picnic tables at the site. The access road is somewhat steep and I would not attempt it in an RV. There is an old firetower at the top of this mountain and the building below appears to have recently burned down. If you've seen a large lighted star on the top of a ridge, while driving West on I-40 West of Knoxville, you've seen Mt. Roosevelt.

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Tish said...

Beautiful photo! The next time I'm driving west, I'll stop and get a few photos! :)